Our Services

Artisans for Rent/Hire

If you run a business or a department, you will have crunch times where you could use an extra set of hands. But they need to be hands that can jump in and help immediately. We have identified and have trained an army of people available to help on projects both short and long term. Current services include: Marketing Automation, Search Engine Optimiation, and Search Engine Marketing. Check out the pages for each.

Artisan Agency in Your Town

Would your community like to build a community of highly skilled, well paid professionals? If you will provide a space (we love historic downtowns!), wifi, and 10+ students, we will set up a training portal and support your community in finding work as Digital Artisians.

Artisan Apprentice Program -where ever you are.

Working with cool technologies from cool companies like Google, Intuit and Hubspot doesn't mean you have to move to their high priced, high traffic locations. Through Digital Artisan's Apprentice Program, you can be trained in these tools and technologies which will allow you to make a good wage where ever you choose
to live.

Train an Artisan Army for Your Company

Would you like Digital Artisans who are skilled and can support customers who would like to use your product? See the list of company's currently offering curriculem and see if you would like join.