Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we get asked a lot. If you have any other questions or thoughts, please drop us a line using the addresses on the Contact Us page.

We work with companies that will make high quality training available for free (Google, Intuit, Hubspot). We mentor apprentices through finishing the training and into finding work.

We collect a standard fee when connecting worker to work, we also collect a fee when acting as a reseller / integrator for software and services.

No, while we think we serve a social good in connecting talent to needs, we're just a regular company.

Our founders have deep experience in the tech industry and in connecting workers to work. Communities should support individuals in their area to connect to this resources.

Companies provide free training for their products because they recognize the value of an army of trained geniuses helps grow their customer base & product growth opportunities.

The US is full of innovative companies with a huge demand for people who know how to use their services. The US is also full of communities in need of well paying local work. We aim to connect these two needs.

We believe that because we've trained and nurtured our artisians around very specific skills, potential hiring manages can feel assured in the quality they will receive.

We assemble the best online training we can find for today's top tools and technologies. We train people anywhere to master them and we help them find work.

If you have more questions please contact us

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