About Us



We are inspired by the days before the industrial revolution, where a person would learn a craft, perfect, hone and practice it their lives long.


We love that anyone, from anywhere can join us if they're willing to go through our apprentice program and find their art.


We think it today's digital world, there is no limit to the value we can provide by learning and practicing with new tools.


We love it that today's top company's make it easy for digital artisans everywhere can learn how to use their
tools and make a good living.

Who We Are

Suzy DeLine

Founder and Chief Mentor

Finds best available free training and puts into our apprentice program. Also gathers in new communities for participation. See how your town can join!

Scott Davis

Chief Technologist

Put together the framework for the Apprentice Tracker, Profile Pages and Company Portals. A lifelong digital citizen and social advocate, Scott is excited to empower other to find...

Marshall Freiman

Founder and Project PooBah

Scopes out larger projects for eCommerce clients staffed by apprentice program graduates.